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Liposuction Equipment.

The Evolution of equipments for Vibrating Canulas on Liposuction Surgical Procedures.

Orthogonal Handhold (PATENTED by ATONUS)

Equipments for vibrating canulas have been used successfully in USA and Europe for several years.

The orthogonal shape of VIBROATONUS´s handhold implied on a great evolution of the design of liposuction equipments providing more comfort and security to both the patient and the physician.


Technical Features:

  • Maximum beating: 4000 bpm.
  • Low Noise.
  • Brushless Motor of high durability.
  • Linear speed Command.
  • Anatomical Handhold (orthogonal shape - PATENTED by ATONUS).
  • Handhold weight: 450g (approx).
  • Weight of the control unit: 1900g (approx).

Parts supplied with the equipament:

  • Central power unit with speed control.
  • Handhold for coupling the cannula.
  • Eletric power cable.
  • Control pedal to turn on/off.
  • 4 canulas of your choice.
  • Suitcase.


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Vibro-Atonus:: Screen 1

Empunhadura:: Screen 2

Empunhadura:: Screen 3

Veja a apresentação do Vibro-atonus

Clique aqui para ver a apresentação


Assista o vídeo de uma lipoaspiração feita com o Vibro-Atonus



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