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 Software for helping the customer to chose spectacles and contact lenses.


Software to help in the selection of spectacles and contact lenses

Projected to help the professionals in the optic field to select the spectacles and contact lenses. This software has the following  functions:

  • Capture and store 4 pictures.
  • Capture 4 digital movies from the client.
  • Apply spectacles on the client's face.
  • Measure the NPD, height and the maximum diameter.
  • Facial Analysis.
  • Print the pictures.


  • Better marketing of your company.
  • Personalized attendance.


If a customer has a high factor of myopia, he can put the spectacles and take a picture, and with your on glasses can see how he looks on the screen.


  • Pentium II
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Monitor SVGA
  • Image Capture Board
  • Windows'95 or '98

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Infoco :: Screen 1

Infoco :: Screen 2
Infoco :: Screen 1



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