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Semen Analysis
Sistema de análise de Semên
Software for analyzing human sperm..

Semen Analysis

ATONUS has developed a computational vision system to analyze the human semen, called Semen-Analysis, which performs sperm exams. The system allows the user to execute, quicker than any manual process, the examinations of spermatozoon concentration per ml, track velocity (VCL - microns/sec), straight line velocity (VSL - microns/sec), linearity (ratio of VSL/VCL), motility and morphology (head shape: ratio of minor to major axis of sperm head - and area: head size). The block diagram of the Semen-Analysis system is presented in Picture 1.


Picture 1: Block diagram of the Semen-Analysis

Xfert Sistema de Análise de Fertilidade Masculina




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Tela do Sistema





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